Automated MIG Welding - Midwest Engineered Systems

Midwest Engineered Systems has decades of experience in designing, building and servicing custom robotic welding systems. We have particular experience in automating Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) processes. When operated robotically, GMAW welding can see much better and repeatable quality rivaling, and sometimes exceeding, the speeds of skilled welders.

These performance results stem from retaining a number of dedicated staff who have a deep knowledge of the weld process across a number of diverse applications and unparalleled understanding of automation processes.

What is MIG Welding

The Gas Metal Arc Welding (or more commonly called ‘MIG’) process is straightforward and fast.  It uses a continuous feed of a consumable wire electrode that is fed directly into the weld pool to form the weld bead.  MIG welding provides fast production of high-quality welds with little to no slag being trapped in the weld pool.  MIG welding uses a shielding gas made of an inert atmosphere of argon or helium to provide a clean weld pool and minimal weld splatter.  It is also versatile enough that it can be operated as semi and fully automatically when joining a variety of metals.

Automated GMAW welding systems can work with aluminum, stainless steel, regular steel and many non-ferrous materials, in thicknesses of 26-guage up to and including large heavy-duty structural components.  The simplicity and adaptability of the process makes MIG welding a good choice for large, automated industrial operations that require high production rates.  Since MIG uses a filler material, it can be used to weld two different materials together, whereas TIG simply fuses the two work pieces together, thus requiring the two pieces to be of the same material.

A production line that utilizes Gas Metal Arc Welding systems tend to operate faster than one using TIG welding, while still creating high-quality welds.  Also, parts for MIG welding systems are more readily available and far less expensive than their TIG counterparts.  MIG welding requires less specialized training and experience to operate.

As a full-service automation integrator, Midwest Engineered Systems has the experience necessary to build custom turnkey automated robotic arc welding systems for a variety of capability ranges.  Our automated MIG welding systems are designed to provide consistent quality, faster production times and greater dependability when compared to manual welding processes.

If your business is looking to robotically automate your arc welding operations, whether you’re looking at a TIG or MIG weld process, contact us today!