Mining & Agricultural Vehicles

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As the world’s population continues to grow, demand for mining and farming equipment is also continually on the rise and more businesses are turning to robotic automation to keep up with demand. Robotic automation can take the place of a dwindling workforce and bring about improved efficiency and productivity.

Manufacturing large industrial vehicles necessitates large robotic automation and manufacturing systems. Midwest Engineered Systems has experience developing and implementing large factory automation systems that can manufacture components efficiently and safely. We have designed systems to handle various operations performed on engine components, storage vessels, vehicle frames and more.

Automation Applications

  • Welding Operations
  • Deburring and Casting Finishing
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Wash Systems
  • Assembly Lines
  • AGVs and AMRs

mining & agricultural expertise

Engine & Transmission

Automated solutions are well-suited to completing the types of repetitive jobs in the automotive industry, that require high throughput, yet are boring, unpleasant, or even dangerous to an employee’s health. In the engine and transmission manufacturing industry, new robot technology is always evolving, including collaborative robots, which work alongside humans to improve workplace safety and ergonomics.

Frame, Cab & Suspension

Robotic assembly, welding, and adhesive/sealant dispensing are all needed when manufacturing the structure of an off-road vehicle.  MWES specializes in high-mix low-volume applications where automation facilitates and improves the manufacturing capability of your production line, for these very specialized products.

Consumable Wear Items

MWES provides unique skill sets that provide robust material handling and process expertise for welding, heat treating, machining, deburring and surface cladding in a manner that supports a 15-20 year manufacturing equipment lifespan.

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Recent Projects by MWES

Robotic Adhesive Dispensing System

Robotic Adhesive Dispensing System

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Robotic Layer Picking System

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Refrigerated Storage Tending with AS/RS Buffer System

Refrigerated Storage Tending with AS/RS Buffer System

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Aerial Lift Weldments Automation

Aerial Lift Weldments Automation

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Robotic Case Packing Cell

Robotic Case Packing Cell

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Robotic Frame Welding Automation

Robotic Frame Welding Automation

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Disposable Silverware Napkin Wrapping Automation System

Disposable Silverware Napkin Wrapping Automation System

MWES provided this firm an automation system that wraps cutlery and napkins together quickly...
Flexibility & Production Speed with Robotic Vision

Flexibility & Production Speed with Robotic Vision

A leading manufacturer of picture frames was in need of more flexible manufacturing capability...
Skid Steer Welding Automation

Skid Steer Welding Automation

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