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Robotic Assembly
With labor shortages here to stay, more and more businesses are turning to robotics to provide solutions to their assembly production needs. MWES has for over 30 years provided industrial robotic assembly automation to our customers.
Our Robotic Automation Capabilities
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Material Handling
MWES can take your material handling procedures to the next level. From the end of the production line to the edge of the dock, we provide fast and efficient automation solutions that boost throughput and eliminate reliance on hard-to-staff roles.
Our Material Handling Capabilities
Innovation Through
Industrial Automation
MWES has spent decades integrating automation into existing manufacturing lines for both large and small organizations. Our customers have benefited from enhanced production throughput, improved dependability, and a high return on investment thanks to these automation solutions.
Our Automation Capabilities
Innovation through People like you
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Welding Solutions
MWES offers custom, turnkey, and automated welding systems for a variety of capability ranges and weld processes, whether your parts are basic, have complex geometries, or require heavy welding applications.
Our Welding Capabilities
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Web Handling Systems
Supporting all aspects of Web Handling equipment & control systems, including process development, new equipment design and enhancements to existing machines.
Our Web Handling Capabilities
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For over 30 years, we have provided rautomation solutions to businesses all over the world.

Layer Picking System

Layer Picking System

We provided this customer with an automated layer picking system, equipped...
Refrigerated Storage Tending

Refrigerated Storage Tending

Midwest Engineered Systems provided to our customer an automated layer...
Automated Assembly Line with AGVs

Automated Assembly Line with AGVs

Midwest Engineered Systems has built a complete row unit assembly system...
Robotic Case Packing Cell

Robotic Case Packing Cell

The customer was utilizing multiple employees in order to manually pack...
Robotic Frame Welding

Robotic Frame Welding

MWES provided a Robotic Frame Welding Cell to our customer, for the final...

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ITAR International Traffic in arms regulations compliant

The protection of our customer’s valuable information is of the greatest importance to us. We have put procedures in place to ensure that what is entrusted to MWES stays with us. In that regard, MWES offers ITAR-compliant data, product and process management services to customers in the aerospace and defense industries, who require the necessary document tracking and security.


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