Skylift 3-Axis Welding Positioner

Project summary:

This project consists of a MWES standard Robotic Welding Positioner and End Effector for our customer’s product.

The Challenge

The customer had a large part weighing 600 lbs. – 1,000 lbs. with multiple sizes and needed a common device to pick it up and orient it without a crane.

The Solution

Our design for this customer included the following hardware and services:

MWES 3-Axis Skylift servo Positioners with the following features:

  • 8,000 lb. capacity on the mounting platter prior to tooling
  • Platter axis has 360 degrees of rotation
  • Arm axis has 180 degrees of rotation
  • Servo vertical lift via ball screw
  • Lift axis is estimated at ~60” travel
  • Arm and platter axes are designed to be external axis of the robot, which allows true coordinated motion with robot
  • Ground cable (and other required cables, tubing, etc.) routed through the center of the rotational axes

Custom engineered fixturing for support of multiple SKUs:

  • (2) Hydraulically actuated grippers
  • 10” of travel
  • Hydraulic power unit (HPU) and hydraulic hose
  • Control of pump motor

Impact to the Customer

MWES provided a number of part manipulator systems that accommodated both the operator for assembly functions and the robot for finish welding of large heavy components with no need for a crane. 

By eliminating the crane, the material handling time was cut in half and the safety of the overall system was increased to an operation that did not require certification for hoists, swinging mass, or operators to control and verify the safety during the positioning activities.

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