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Automation Systems for all things Aerospace

Robot automation is a key component in the aerospace industry, where precision, quality and repeatability are paramount in the construction of aircraft and space systems. These systems have to perform flawlessly as the room for failure is minuscule. 

With the recent advent of metal additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, robotics has become even more instrumental in the aerospace industry. Additive manufacturing allows for the repeatable construction of complex superalloy parts that in the past would require skilled tradesmen to produce.

Midwest Engineered Systems meets all of the challenging demands of the aerospace industry. From high-precision automated manufacturing systems for high-performance power system assembly to building aircraft components with additive manufacturing, we have the experience necessary to design and integrate complex manufacturing systems and can take current processes to even greater heights all within our ITAR-compliant facility.

Automation Applications

  • Metal Additive Manufacturing
  • Assembly Line Integration
  • Part Assembly Systems
  • Welding Operations
  • Painting Operations
  • Plasma Cutting Systems
  • Material Dispensing and Placement
  • Code Scanning and Traceability Systems
  • Part Inspection and Testing Processes

Aerospace expertise

Engine Component Assembly Lines

Producing parts for the aerospace industry is a delicate and complex process with no room for error. Perfection in the manufacturing process is paramount. For those reasons, a manufacturer of aerospace engines and turbines contracted MWES to develop an automated assembly line to produce servo valves.

Industrial Metal 3D Printing

ADDere Additive Manufacturing provides a number of best-in-class large-scale metal 3D printing products and services, from complete enclosed additive systems to just additive engines. ADDere’s products and services are based on clean, safe and reliable laser-wire additive manufacturing (LWAM) technologies that work on a fused metal deposition layering method that produces near-net shaped results in the final printed part.

ADDere Additive Manufacturing

ADDere is designed to manufacture large-scale industrial parts in some of the most challenging metal-based materials. With our internally developed control systems, the ADDere laser-wire systems are capable of 3D printing high-quality, near net shaped metal deposition with post-processing taken into consideration.

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Recent Projects by MWES

Robotic Adhesive Dispensing System

Robotic Adhesive Dispensing System

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Robotic Layer Picking System

Robotic Layer Picking System

We provided this customer with an automated layer picking system, equipped with a robot and...
Refrigerated Storage Tending with AS/RS Buffer System

Refrigerated Storage Tending with AS/RS Buffer System

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Aerial Lift Weldments Automation

Aerial Lift Weldments Automation

MWES provided this manufacturer with two robotic welding cells for producing industrial aerial...
Robotic Case Packing Cell

Robotic Case Packing Cell

MWES provided a machine to erect the customer’s pre-glued auto-bottom boxes and pack individual p...
Robotic Frame Welding Automation

Robotic Frame Welding Automation

MWES provided this manufacturer with a robot welding cell that manufactures large generator...
Disposable Silverware Napkin Wrapping Automation System

Disposable Silverware Napkin Wrapping Automation System

MWES provided this firm an automation system that wraps cutlery and napkins together quickly...
Flexibility & Production Speed with Robotic Vision

Flexibility & Production Speed with Robotic Vision

A leading manufacturer of picture frames was in need of more flexible manufacturing capability...
Skid Steer Welding Automation

Skid Steer Welding Automation

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