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The cost benefits of switching to robotics

The return-on-investment (ROI) calculator illustrates the potential cost savings of using a robot automation system compared to manual labor operation over a 15-year time period. 

To use MWES’ ROI calculator, you first need to factor in a number of variables based on your current operation: the total number of workers currently employed that operate the current system, the number of hours a day and days per week that the operation runs, and the average yearly wage of each operator. Next, you need to enter the total cost of the robotic system that’s replacing the manual operation, including the total number of robots that the system utilizes. And finally, you need to factor in the expected productivity gain that is expected from switching over to robots from manual labor, 20-30% is typical.

The results basically represent the cost of manual labor vs the cost of a robotic system doing the same work. The Robot Operating Cost is the total cost of running each robot factoring in the yearly electric bill which is typically around $1 per hour and the regular maintenance along with 5-year refurbishments. Labor Savings is strictly the cost of the total annual wages of all the operators working the current system which can range from $16 to $30 per hour. Productivity Savings represents the added costs and work loss of manual labor, such as breaks, illnesses, labor shortages, etc. All of this translates to Yearly Returns that take the total cost of the robotic system and the yearly robot operating costs and subtracts the Labor Savings and Productivity Savings. The year-to-year results account for the 5 and 10-year robot refurbishments and the yearly 2% increase in inflation costs.

This calculator is intended for informational purposes only. The final amounts are estimated.

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Amounts are in 2023 US dollars with added 2% inflation year over year.

The GREEN line represents the savings of utilizing robotic automation in place of manual labor.
Alternatively, the RED line represents the cost of manual labor over that same stretch of time.

The ROI calculator gives the user a rough estimate of how cost-effective robotic automation is in the long term versus a manual operation. If you feel robotic automation can improve your operation, please get in touch with us today. Our Applications Engineers can help you through the process and provide you with more detailed information as to what returns you should expect.

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