Welding Positioners

Welding Positioners

Welding positioners are one of Midwest Engineered Systems’ most popular options for welding projects. We offer a variety of styles, all providing many advantages for efficient and consistent welding output. Our welding positioner systems arrange parts to be welded into optimal positions. This arranging activity can be successfully conducted even in the most challenging circumstances and applications.  


MWES uses a combination of stock positioners and our own custom-built welding positioners. The stock positioners are produced by leaders in the welding industry. And our custom-built positioners are scalable to your specific application and requirements. 

  • Headstock/Tailstock: Generally used for rotation of long weld pieces. 
  • SkyHook: Offers extra large capacity [more on this below]. 
  • Drop Center Positioners: Designed to handle specialized load sizes and other requirements.  

With this array of options, we are sure to find the right welding positioners for your specifications and industry requirements.


There are many benefits and advantages to using welding positioners for your welding applications. Their capabilities are unsurpassed when it comes to movement and flexibility. MWES’s automated positioners offer an articulation range from 1 to 3 axis positioners, and they can handle payload parts from 1,000 kg. each.

  • Ability to tilt, turn, and rotate parts. 
  • Ability to lift vertically. 
  • Ability to rotate 360°. 
  • Produce optimal weld seam quality. 
  • Provide solutions for all work piece sizes. 
  • Consistently hold, arrange, and move weld parts. 
  • Can be employed for robotic and manual welding applications. 

These are just a few of the advantages offered by welding positioners. They can also greatly contribute to precision and safety in factory settings that require welding. With the addition of welding positioners, you eliminate a danger often present for workers. 

Extra large Capacity

In addition to the advantages listed above, the welding positioners we offer are also constructed for extra large welding applications. The SkyHook is a two-axis robotic weld positioner with a capacity of up to 30,000 kg parts. This positioner can also work with both servo motor and variable frequency drives with external axis control from either robot control systems or PLC control. These options make this positioner easy to integrate into established factory systems as well as new ones. 

The two axes motion and continuous rotation option allow for a few unique capabilities.  

These extra-large capacity welding positioners are able to precisely arrange the largest parts, such as those used in robotic welding, deburring, and rough machining.


When it comes to your welding needs, MWES is sure we have what you’re looking for. We are here to answer your questions about your welding projects and what equipment will best serve your intended purposes. Contact us today to discuss which welding positioner best matches your welding applications and specific industry requirements.

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One of our most recent Welding Positioner projects consists of an MWES standard Robotic Welding Positioner and End Effector for our customer’s product. The customer had a large part weighing 600 lbs. – 1,000 lbs. with multiple sizes and needed a common device to pick it up and orient it, without a crane.

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