Skid Steer Welding Automation

Project summary:

The robotic weld cell that MWES provided to our customer is capable of processing both Wacker chassis and load arm sub-assemblies. The system utilizes a large material handling robot to present pre-tacked weldments to a welding robot.

The Challenge

Our engineers had to allow for multiple material types to be processed through the system (mild/stainless steel). Multiple welding torch necks were also required for access to weld seams. And we needed to optimize each welding positions for any possible part configuration.

The Solution

The material handling robot is mounted on a servo driven track (robot travel track a.k.a. RTT) to enhance the work envelope of the system. Multiple manual tack stations are serviced by the material handling robot with two finished weld drop off stations. The cell includes weld equipment and ancillary equipment.

Impact to the Customer

  • Maximized system flexibility and utilization across many part styles
  • Multiple infeed/outfeed stations provide easily queued part runs
  • All required equipment stored in the cell, allowing for completely autonomous tool change overs
  • System capable of running batch sizes as small as 1 part without operator intervention


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Client Details

Designer and manufacturer of hydraulic tank reservoirs and fluid conditioning devices.

Services Provided

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