Automated Dispensing & Placement

Automate Your Precision Material Dispensing & Placement Applications

Automated dispensing and placement systems can rapidly and repeatedly dispense a variety of fluids and other materials. Automated dispensing operates through control software and robotics allowing the process to run at high speeds and precision, without the constant presence of a operator. Automation can save manufacturing companies valuable time and costs associated with work injuries and equipment training and reduce the overall labor demands.

Midwest Engineered Systems has delivered many high-accuracy controlled dispensing and placement applications for our customers. Our dispensing and placement systems are focused on high accuracy, precision and speed to maximize output and product versatility for a variety of different industries. Robotically dispensing materials increases efficiency by optimizing the production process, increasing efficiency and cutting costs at the same time.

Where Automated Dispensing is used in Manufacturing

Many manufacturing and assembly processes depend on the high efficiency and accuracy of robotic dispensing and placement systems in either batch or inline dispensing. The most common automated dispensing application is in the way of fluids such as oils, coatings, sealants, solder paste, grease and adhesives. The integrated software provides motion control for automated dispensing systems and permits the intuitive programming of fluid arcs, patterns, stripes or dots on more than one type of plane.

Additionally, automated dispensing can handle more than just fluids. The dispensing systems can also rapidly dispense and place construction tape or electrical wire in large amounts. Heavier liquified materials such as industrial-sized vats of concrete can also be dispensed in precise amounts and locations.

Dispensing systems can use automated weight-scale verification, which means better quality control, full digitally-recorded traceability and reduced variability of each manufactured product or batch. The weighing process and its results are stored by the system and can be displayed for purposes such as regulatory reviews or product releases.

Vision systems can be integrated with automated dispensing and placement systems as well. Vision systems provide on-screen previews of paths for dispensing materials. Additionally, they can be installed on the proper axes for robotic systems such as 3 and 4-axis robots.

Areas Where Automated Dispensing is Used

Many industries and processes use automated dispensing and placement systems:

  • Industrial construction and components manufacturing
  • Manufacturing and assembly processes
  • Electrical maintenance construction
  • Automotive and parts production
  • Aerospace fabrication processes
  • Water delivery system production
  • Healthcare equipment manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals and medicine packaging
  • Food and consumer product packaging

Advantages of Automating the Dispensing Process

Automating material dispensing and placement provides the following advantages:

  • Reduction in human error and variance
  • Increased productivity and accuracy
  • Reduced labor demand and safety costs
  • Applicable to many material types
  • Increased repeatability
  • Programmable placement patterns

Midwest Engineered Systems routinely integrates manufacturing systems that utilize material dispensing as part of the assembly process. If your assembly application is dependent on dispensing grease, adhesives, etc. then contact us today.

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