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Material Handling & Fulfillment Solutions

Looking to increase efficiency in locating and marshaling components and materials within the production environment? Fighting a labor-constricted market? Are orders coming in faster than the human workforce can handle?

Midwest Engineered Systems has automated material handling solutions that help reduce these concerns and others when it comes to moving materials and products in and out of a production, fulfillment or warehousing operation.

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Packaging & Palletizing Operations

While speed is a factor of the products and packaging involved, MWES’s standard palletizing system is designed to operate at rates at or above similar manual operations. Some performance highlights of the system include:

  • Up to 20 boxes per minute stacking rate
  • Up to 500 lbs. layer weight
  • Able to pick layers as short as 2 inches in height
  • Can operate on taped, stapled or strapped corrugated boxes, as well as many shrink-wrapped products

Warehouse Storage & Retrieval

Our Automated Storage & Retrieval System can store materials not only in an efficient manner, but it allows for production environments to quickly manage materials as needed. The system does this by cataloging materials and their locations by how they integrate into the production process.

Our material storage and monitoring capabilities offer a number of advantages:

  • The system can become a central hub for the factory: with both the tooling and materials in the same location and an overarching management system to run it
  • The MWES buffer system allows for the collation and management of asynchronous production processes
  • The ASRS system helps keep production efficiency high by retrieving materials, tools and finished parts without needing human help
  • Material arrival and removal data can be harvested for production performance analysis

Warehouse & Distribution Center Conveyance

Midwest Engineered Systems provides a wide range of conveyance options. We specialize in automated package handling systems from start to finish, including design, integration, conveyor control systems, and retrofits.

Our conveyor systems are designed to handle items at high speeds and with high precision. When you combine automatic weight-scale verification with code tracking, you have greater quality control and complete digitally recorded traceability for each product or shipment.

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