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Midwest Engineered Systems has experience helping the healthcare product manufacturing industry whether through stand-alone process cells or entire production settings. Our knowledge base extends across a variety of methods from high precision, high-speed manufacturing processes that hold the highest tolerances and quality to handling the packaging and material handling aspects in an automated fashion that increases throughput while reducing routing and shipping issues.

Precision. Repeatability. Reliability.

That’s what MWES brings to the lab automation industry. Across the medical device, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, MWES is not just a trusted builder and integrator of automation systems and lab process equipment. We’re a partner.

Reaching Goals

Our goals are the same as yours: increase productivity and do it in a cost-effective manner where valuable lab technicians and researchers can be freed to work on more important tasks. We can reach these goals in a variety of ways. Through our application of advanced automation technologies, we can increase the throughput of sample processing, dispensing or dosing, and inspection procedures. MWES can also streamline packaging and material handling operations within the lab environment and in departments beyond.

Having Confidence

With over 30 years of experience automating production operations, we are confident we’ll provide the skills, experience and knowledge necessary to increase your lab’s efficiency. Whether through providing entire production systems to building one-off, standalone work cells, count on MWES to increase throughput while reducing operating costs.

Meeting Standards

MWES is highly skilled in the automation of medical devices and component production, as well. Meeting clean room environment standards and the highest quality are the hallmarks of our systems. Managing and enhancing complex operations, regardless of being a primarily manual production process or implementing a completely automated, high-speed solution, it’s all a part of what we do every day.
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Disposable Device Assembly

We provide medical professionals with the tools they need. We can quickly define your ideal disposable medical solution with the integration and assembly of disposable plastic, fiber, and tubing products due to our decades of experience and cutting-edge technology.

Diagnostic Device Assembly

MWES provides capability in multiple disciplines to support our customer’s unique manufacturing needs. These capabilities include the welding of ferrous and non-ferrous housings for large-scale diagnostic equipment, production lines that fabricate sealed bags, and the assembly of electronic components.

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Recent Projects by MWES

Robotic Adhesive Dispensing System

Robotic Adhesive Dispensing System

MWES built an automation system that would robotically apply a small amount of 3M Scotch-Weld...
Robotic Layer Picking System

Robotic Layer Picking System

We provided this customer with an automated layer picking system, equipped with a robot and...
Flexibility & Production Speed with Robotic Vision

Flexibility & Production Speed with Robotic Vision

A leading manufacturer of picture frames was in need of more flexible manufacturing capability...
Robotic Roll Former Tending Cell

Robotic Roll Former Tending Cell

MWES integrated a fully automated robot roll former tending cell for the assembly of steel...
Robotic Furnace Tending Cell

Robotic Furnace Tending Cell

This steel foundry came to MWES looking to robotically automate an industrial furnace tending...
Automatic Stock Coat Robotic Cell

Automatic Stock Coat Robotic Cell

MWES provided this firm with a robotic system that automatically applies Boron Nitride coating...
Robotic Paint Line Tending Cell

Robotic Paint Line Tending Cell

MWES provided this firm with a robotic automation system for loading and unloading steel pallet...
Robotic Stack Handling System

Robotic Stack Handling System

MWES provided a packaging manufacturer with an automated bagging system for stacks of thermal...
Robotic Flame Treater System

Robotic Flame Treater System

MWES reprogrammed and converted an existing robot cell into one that performs flame-treating...