Integrated Automation Systems - Midwest Engineered Systems

Integrated automation systems incorporate the total manufacturing system into a computer-controlled, digitally processed and coordinated system.

Robotic bin picking automation with conveyorsIntegrated automation systems work through a common manufacturing system database. This central automation control point makes it possible to integrate industrial and non-industrial processes and robot integration through automated production technologies. Integrated automation systems are used in computer integrated manufacturing and several types of advanced process automation systems.

A well-designed integrated automation system opens the door to implementing advanced technologies that could greatly increase efficiency and productivity across the entire manufacturing facility, including bringing together:

  • Computer-Aided Process Planning (CAPP)
  • Computer-controlled scheduling and production line control processes
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES) / Manufacturing IT integration
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Distributed Control System programming
  • Coordinated Drive systems and advanced Motion Control
  • Production Process Test Systems and Process Monitoring Sensors
  • Part validation and Vision Inspection Systems
  • Industrial Energy Management systems
  • Automated material handling systems
  • Automated retrieval and storage systems
  • RFID and Bar Code part tracking systems

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