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From movable, single position winder units to integrated multi-position winders and automatic turret winding systems, Midwest Engineered Systems has decades of experience providing custom winding systems for the web handling and converting industry. Regardless of whether the winding application is for a new web-based production system or an addition to an existing operation, trust MWES to engineer a custom solution that meets your needs.

web handling roll handling equipmentMWES offers a complete range of capabilities to enhance the winding operation that provide dependable operation, from shafted and shaft-less, single position to multi-position, and handling a variety of roll diameters. Our systems offer dependable web tension control, edge guidance and integrated cutting and slitting operations.

As a full-system automation integrator, MWES has the experience and manpower to not only build but upgrade and program web systems for optimum performance. That means our winders can be built to operate automatically and can be integrated into new or current web handling or converting control operations.

MWES provides not only winding operations, but a variety of web handling and converting processes to fit out entire paper, foil or film roll based operations.

  • Slitting
  • Laminating
  • Continuous web feeds
  • Coating
  • Converting
  • Finishing

Contact Midwest Engineered Systems today to discuss your web winding needs or learn more about what can be achieved with our systems.

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