Solid Fiber Line Upgrades

Project summary

MWES upgraded and expanded this firm’s solid fiber structural sheathing manufacturing thermal insulation line.

The Challenge

Our customer was struggling to keep up with the demand for their structural sheathing products for use in building construction. It was determined their manufacturing line needed upgrades and capacity expansion to keep up with the demand for their products. 

The Solution

With MWES’ extensive web handling and automation experience we provided the following upgrades and additions to our customer’s manufacturing process. 

  • Upgrade pneumatic brake systems on ten existing unwinds: MWES upgraded the pneumatic brakes and included an idler roll in each web path to assist with closed-loop tension control.
  • New infeed and web guide station for five web systems: MWES added a heavy steel framework for support of the infeed nip rolls and web guide, necessary for the web transport idler rolls.
  • New slitter and cutter: A mechanical drive train is provided on the drive side of the machine, for driving the anvil ring shaft. This includes a motor and mounting with the dual rotary knife holder mounting bar.
  • Sheeting and stacking automation: An Automated sheet reject and cull system with a pallet dispensing system and semi-automatic pallet pusher.
  • New integrated drive and PLC control system: MWES provided the design, programming and testing of a coordinated variable speed drive system and a new Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller. 
  • Upgraded operator control stations: MWES retrofitted the existing main operator control station located in the mid-section of the machine with an Allen-Bradley PanelView 15in HMI touch screen.
  • New drive and control system main enclosure: All new drive and control equipment is mounted in a new system enclosure.
  • Updated safety and guarding: Features are provided per applicable codes and standards, and MWES’ standard practices on all MWES provided scope areas.

Impact to the Customer

The upgrades and additions we provided our customer increased their structural sheathing manufacturing throughput. Because of that, they could keep up with the growing demand for their products.

Midwest Engineered Systems has extensive experience upgrading web handling systems for manufacturing operations. If you’re looking to improve your web handling automation throughput, we have the knowledge and experience to make the project a success.

Contact us to learn how Midwest Engineered Systems can automate even your most complex and challenging operations today!

Innovation Through Automation

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