Industrial Adhesive Tape Line

web handling machine

Project summary

MWES provided this firm with a web handling machine to produce industrial rolls of adhesive floor tape.

The Challenge

Producing rolls of adhesive tape quickly is a challenging process and is not easily done with manual labor. With these challenges, a safety tape manufacturing firm came to MWES to design and build a web handling system that could produce industrial rolls of adhesive floor tape. Utilizing an automated web handling system, allows the customer to produce large volumes of adhesive tape with a single operator supervising the machine.

The Solution

MWES provided our customer with a web handling machine that takes an extruded web from the extruder, cools the web, treats both sides of the web, adds a silicone coating to the top side of the web and an adhesive coating to the bottom side of the web.  The machine also laminates a release liner to the bottom side of the web and automatically winds the web onto 3-inch diameter cores. The web handling machine can handle a maximum of 0.032-inch thick by 6-inch wide material and the machine can house additional printing equipment.

The entire machine is a welded structure with a support structure under a tubular frame. Additionally, the machine supports a cabinet skin and access door and a vertical frame plate made from mild steel with nickel plating which is also the main support for the turret disk. The vertical frame plate serves as a mounting surface for all the web handling equipment. Such as the cantilevered idlers, cantilevered load cell rolls, chill roll, laminating nip roll assembly and cantilevered unwind.

The operator is responsible for unloading the wound rolls, loading empty cores, positioning cores as required, adding adhesive splice tape to cores, positioning the splice tape and activating inflate mode. The operator side of the machine is open for roll unloading and core loading. A light curtain stops the turret from rotating if the safety circuit is broken.

The entire machine is separated into four distinct sections for processing the web: Chill, Rewind & Accumulator Section, Liner Unwind & Laminate Section, Treater & Adhesive Coating Section, and a future printing equipment section. The accumulator can hold up to 108-inches of web at full capacity which equals approximately 9 seconds of web at 60 FPM web speed.

Impact to the Customer

The adhesive tape line that MWES provided our customer afforded them a machine that is easy to operate and maintain. Additionally, it has the added benefit of being future-proof and the line speed of the machine can reach 60 feet per second (FPM).

Midwest Engineered Systems has extensive experience in building web handling systems. If you want to improve your web handling throughput, we have the knowledge and experience to make the project successful.

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