Flywheel Single-Station Press - Midwest Engineered Systems
Midwest Engineered Systems designed a semi-automated assembly press for individual flywheels to be assembled every 50 seconds or less

The Challenge

Automatic flywheels introduction (from part washer)
  • Bearing Race manually loaded
  • Press cycle manually initiated.
  • Press verification
  • Parts must then be automatically transported to unload station

The Solution

  • The following methods, components and technologies were implemented and integrated to provide a comprehensive solution:
  • Two strand chain conveyor integrated to parts washer conveyor for automatic flywheel introduction
  • Automatically locate part for pressing on centers.
  • Provide access to manually load bearing race
  • Hydraulic pressing station using Promess force load monitoring system for press verification feedback
  • Automatic part transportation to part flipping station
  • Automatic part flipping for manual operator unloading

Impact to the Customer

  • Part rate of 1 part assembled every 50 seconds or less
  • Parts are semi-automatically assembled
  • All pressing is verified using Promess force load monitoring technology
  • Bad parts are automatically identified

For more information on this equipment or other web handling needs please contact MWES.