Standard Machine Tending Capabilities - Midwest Engineered Systems

Move past the part rack with MWES’ robotic machine tending systems. There are many machine tending systems on the market today. Why should you choose our solution over the others? One word: Flexibility.

Midwest Engineered Systems takes machine tending to the next level by utilizing advanced technology to further reduce labor and increase flexibility. The MWES standalone, drop in system is ideal for manufacturing settings that see a high mix of components with varying levels of inter-part commonality. This comes from the system’s ability to operate without relying on custom presentation racks and technician developed programming for every new part style introduced. Removing reliance on both saves costs by reducing the need to purchase expensive fixturing, as well as retaining a dedicated robot programmer to update the system.

The advanced MWES cells are designed to bring the true promise of automated machine tending to production facilities by reducing the need for workers to fill part racks for presentation to the machine. The machine tending cells are also designed to offer value added operations that can sidestep resetting machines or requiring an operator intervention to do simple, off machine tasks. Both of these features frees employees to do more valuable operations while increasing efficiency.

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