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Robotic Truss Welding Cell

Project summary:

Welding of large frames is difficult both ergonomically for the operator and finding qualified welders is a continued problem. MWES designed a robotic weld cell that could handle the truss welding with speed and ease.

The Challenge

Our customer needed a system to facilitate rapid growth without needing additional welding staff. The tooling and the parts needed precise clamping in order to weld properly which also restricted operator reach to the desired weld points. Subsequently ergonomics were a deep concern.

The Solution

The robotic system that was offered is an extended version of the ABB 1000 “K” cell. The “K” positioner is a ferris wheel type of cell with a servo head/tailstock in each station. The system utilizes the ABB IRC5 controller to control the three (3) ABB Welding robots in the cell. All three robots operate from one teach pendant. The system is complete with safety cell and weld equipment for each robot. Ancillary weld equipment (Bullseye and torch cleaners) are shared items to keep the overall investment down. 

Impact to the Customer

This configuration has the throughput of (3) operators per shift and can run multiple shifts per day without any injury to the operators. The robotic welding quality is extremely consistent and reliable.

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Nationally recognized construction company

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