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There’s a number of benefits available to the users of an MWES system that can change the way companies approach machine tending processes. The system’s functionality goes beyond just adding and removing production parts from a machine, it adds the opportunity to add flexibility and expandability to production operations. From reducing the friction of adding new part versions to expanding the utility of machines, below are just a few of the highlights that the system can offer.

Eliminate the need for custom racks and fixtures

machine tending automation drop inMWES’ standalone, drop-in systems operate on machine vision and modifiable programming rather than rigid programming and specialized part fixtures to offer a step-change in machine tending operations. The robotic system uses machine vision to identify incoming parts and their orientation then relays that information to the arm’s control system. This means parts don’t have to be staged into racks perfectly, they just need to be presented to the machine with a certain side up.

Add parts quickly with easily modifiable programming

Machine programming innovates the process of adding new workpieces to the machine. By simply copying a previous machine tending control program and modifying for the new part, reasonably similar new components can be added to the system. This can be done directly at the machine itself using its touch screen HMI to facilitate. The intuitive process does not require highly skilled programmers, either. Many times, it can be performed by unskilled machine operators with minimal training.

Integrating extra steps

Our system goes past merely placing the part in a machine and taking it out again. MWES’s machine tending systems can offer interim or finishing steps in the machine tending process to help close the automation loop on more complex machining operations. With capacity for off-machine operations, the work cell can blow off parts, perform deburring, inspections or other operations at any stage of the tending process. This is in addition to having the capability to perform repositioning operations on parts automatically. The re-gripping allows for working on other areas of the workpiece that couldn’t be operated on otherwise.

These are just a few of the benefits the MWES machine tending system can bring to a production facility. Contact us to learn more about the system and how it can help take your facility’s machine automation to the next level.

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