Easy-Arc TC300 Weld Cart

Why a Cobot Weld Cart?

The MWES Easy-Arc TC300 Weld Cart is a portable welding robot on wheels. The cart utilizes an ABB collaborative robot (Cobot) which is an industrial robot arm designed for operator safety, ease of use and programmability. The Cobot design and operating speeds allow for use in areas with minimal safety guarding which would be prohibitive to more conventional industrial robots. 

The operator can load and unload from a single station that is shared with the robot envelope. This allows the worker the ability to address high-mix, low-volume operating scenarios in a small footprint.

Easy-Arc Cart

Weld Cart Cabinets
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Integrated spool holder
  • Swing arm for pendant
  • Integrated robot, controller and welder within the cart
  • Integrated Bluco Modular Table Top
  • Casters w/ wheel locks for easy movement
  • Expandable controller for additional options and accessories
  • Single 480v 3-phase power drop required
  • 1-year warranty included

ABB GoFa™ CRB 15000 Cobot

Weld Cart ABB Robot
  • Superior power and force limiting performance through integrated torque sensors
  • Safe robot design – rounded geometry, no pinch/trap points
  • Safety certified Category 3, PL d
  • TCP speed of up to 2.2 m/s – GoFa is faster than other cobots in its class
  • 950mm reach – 12% longer than comparable 5kg cobots
  • Powered by OmniCore with best-in-class motion control

Fronius TPS 320i Standard Welding Package

Weld Cart Fronius
  • 320A Push System water cooled welding package
  • Innovative touch interface display 
  • Easily adapted to individual welding requirements
  • Standard Weld Package included

Bluco Modular Table Top

Weld Cart Bluco Top
  • 1000mm x 1400mm workspace
  • Bluco modular solutions allow you to fixture with the repeatable precision the robot requires
  • +/-0.005 inch repeatable accuracy achievable when modular solutions are combined with robotic welding systems

MWES Easy-Arc Software

Weld Cart Controls
  • Provides an intuitive user interface to teach the robot new parts and run production

Additional Options

Easy Start – On-Site Support MWES Automation Technician comes to the Customer’s site for either setup, training or programming support.
Aluminum Push/Pull Weld Upgrade The Push/Pull weld package upgrade for the Fronius welder for aluminum welding.
Automatic Torch Cleaner The automatic torch cleaner is activated via the programming pendant.
Area Safety Scanner The safety scanner option allows an operator to work within closer proximity to the cobot.
Arc Flash Curtain The arc flash curtain option is a portable flash curtain that mounts on the cobot cart’s table top.
Fume Extraction A portable source capture system can be added to eliminate welding fumes.
Gas Bottle Holder The gas bottle holder allows for the safe storage of a full-size gas bottle near the cart.
Heavy Weld Package The heavy weld software package adds thru-arc tracking and tactile sensing.
Higher Amperage Welder The 320A MIG weld package can be upgraded to 400 or 500 Amp packages.
Long Arm Cobot The cobot can be upgraded to a 10kg payload capacity with a 1520mm reach arm for a larger work envelope.
TIG Weld System Available with or without cold wire feed instead of MIG Weld equipment.
Dual Station Configuration An additional Bluco modular table can be mounted to make a 2-station system.

Curious which MWES Easy-Arc System is right for you?