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System programming training for automation systems is a critical component in the modern industrial landscape, where efficiency and precision are paramount. Midwest Engineered Systems offers programming training for all its customers so that they learn how to properly interact and drive the robots unique to their automation system. This training allows for the customer to interface with their equipment in case of functionality changes, a system crash or general system maintenance.

Our customers will be trained on how to select multiple programs, interface with systems on an operator and maintenance level, as well as troubleshoot to an extent of programming on the pre-robotic systems. With training by MWES, individuals can gain the expertise needed to design, program, and manage automation systems effectively.

Our training courses are taught by experienced industry professionals, and the classes are specifically taught for the customers’ unique equipment. To learn more about the training offered by MWES, contact us today!

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    For Current MWES Automation Systems Customers

    When contacting us regarding system problems, please have the MWES project number. The project/serial number of this system is located on the main enclosure of the machine.

    When contacting us regarding robot problems, please have the robot model number, serial number, specific part number of known faulty robot part and the error/fault message that may appear on the robot teach pendant.

    We will provide preventative maintenance, service and parts for anyone’s equipment; whether it is an MWES machine or not.