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The Robot with the Reach

It’s pretty easy to envision a robot welding external features, but how about when it has to get into rather tight internal spaces?

One way to do it is by combining two robots into one. That’s what ABB has done with its IRB800 seen in the picture above. In this project, we are using the larger robot to move the smaller robot to the positions where it can realize the weld. Coupling two robots provide enough articulation to get into the harder-to-reach locations accurately and efficiently.

While having the availability of all this articulation opens up a lot of possibilities, it also makes doing those things a much more complex project. Heap on weld seam tracking on top of the multitude of axis and you can see how programming can become really intensive, really fast. It takes a creative and knowledgeable team of robot programmers to make it work.

Luckily, we have a lot of programmers who are that good here at MWES!

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