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Paint system robot

The Enduring Relevance of Polar Robots in Modern Manufacturing

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial automation, polar robots, also known as spherical robots, continue to play a pivotal role despite the advent of more advanced robotic systems. These robots, characterized by their spherical coordinate system and unique movement capabilities, have been a mainstay in manufacturing for over half a

onrobot eoat gripper

What’s on Our Floor: OnRobot Grippers

In the automation world, many times it’s the gripper that packs the most innovation on a system. The grippers are where the automation system actually interacts with the products moving through the cell.

fanuc cobot on shop floor

What’s on Our Floor: The FANUC CRX Cobot

A part of what we pride ourselves at Midwest Engineered Systems is keeping up to speed on the latest technologies in automation. With that in mind, we’ve brought in one of FANUC’s latest collaborative robots from the CRX series of industrial robots.


Next level machine tending with MWES’ standard tending cells

Our system was designed from the start to provide off-machine, secondary operations during the usual machine tending operations. That means if a part needs to be cleaned, deburred or repositioned back in the machine for more operations, our system can do it without the need for human help.

medical case packing system

Universal Integrators

MWES prides itself on being independent, even when it comes down to robot selection – the core of an automation system. This allows us to offer the best solutions for our customers without being constrained. As an example, this week sees a Universal Robot getting positioned for a new automation cell build.


The Robot with the Reach

It’s pretty easy to envision a robot welding external features, but how about when it has to get into rather tight internal spaces? One way to do it is by combining two robots into one. That’s what ABB has done with its IRB800 seen in the picture above. In this project, we