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Introducing the MWES Easy-Arc TC300 Weld Cart

Safe, mobile, dependable, repeatable and easy to use. Today Midwest Engineered Systems announces its entry into the robotic weld cart arena with the MWES Easy-Arc Collaborative Robot Weld Cart. This affordable and flexible welding solution is an ideal investment in times when skilled welders are in short supply and onshoring

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The True Cost of Workplace Injuries and the Solution

Workplace injuries and illnesses are a significant problem for workers and their employers in every sector of the economy. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 2.6 million work-related nonfatal injuries occurred in 2021 in the private sector, with manufacturing jobs having the highest rate of workplace injuries


The Return on Your Investment: Manual vs. Robotic Automation

Why would you want to use robotic automation over manual labor? Simply put robotic automation offers many benefits for your business, such as increased productivity, efficiency, quality, safety and throughput. All of these add up to substantial savings over the long term for any business that deals in manufacturing, assembly,

Automated Assembly

Project Spotlight: Hydraulic Motor Assembly Line

MWES designed a single manual production line for a firm that could manufacture over a dozen different variations of a hydraulic motor. The line utilizes a large number of sub-assembly stations, where workers perform the required tasks based on the specific variant of the motor being assembled.


Project Spotlight: Welding and Milling Bus Bars Robotically

With the current ongoing labor shortage, skilled welders are in short supply leaving many businesses to rely more heavily on robotics to fill that void.  Fully automating a 24/7 welding operation is not as complicated or as intimidating as it may sound. What if the production line requires multiple stations or has to handle different metal types? 

Automated Assembly

Project Spotlight: Automated Picture Frame Assembly

Automating high volume production operations is relatively straight forward: design a specialized machine that only produces one part. The rest of the time is spent to make it robust enough to do it at speed and for a long time before service.

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What’s on Our Floor: OnRobot Grippers

In the automation world, many times it’s the gripper that packs the most innovation on a system. The grippers are where the automation system actually interacts with the products moving through the cell.


What to know about cobots – before you buy one

We’ve put together three important truths about collaborative robots that a manufacturing engineer or manager should understand before taking the plunge on a cobot for their processes.

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What’s on Our Floor: The FANUC CRX Cobot

A part of what we pride ourselves at Midwest Engineered Systems is keeping up to speed on the latest technologies in automation. With that in mind, we’ve brought in one of FANUC’s latest collaborative robots from the CRX series of industrial robots.