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Solving a challenging palletizing operation with well-designed automation

Moving a manual palletizing operation to an automated one can be a tricky process. If the process has a level of complexity above off-the-shelf machines’ abilities it takes the job challenge to the next level. 

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A recent automation installation of ours was just that. The project was certainly a palletizing process that needed to be automated, but it required much closer management than standard palletizing. Being that it was fed by multiple lines, the system had to keep track of a number of different products arriving by conveyor. These varying products would have to be palletized in different configurations for each customer the company had. 

Learn about how we tackled this unique challenge and what it was able to do for our customer with a more detailed look at how the project was executed, as well as what sort of performance metrics the system was capable of achieving once installed in our Robotic Case and Tray Palletizer recent project.

If you’re thinking about automating more complex material handling or palletizing operations, contact us today to learn more about us and how we can solve your challenge in a way that increases your production efficiency!

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