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Manual Production Line Updates for Increased Throughput – No Automation Needed

Whether the human-centric production process revolves around high dexterity operations or large-scale, heavy industrial applications, greater efficiency can be found by adopting systems used primarily in automation-first systems. Many times, production volume increases can be had without resulting in replacing workers with automated processes and can even be installed without large disruptions to current production.

Leveraging the knowledge needed to make sure robotic systems can operate complex operations can also be used to advantage in human production operations. Solutions including the construction of tooling and fixtures that guarantee the assembly steps can only be done the right way can make it easier for workers to perform the correct actions every time. With a good understanding of the process, fixtures like these can reduce manual build process complexity and increase throughput at the same time.

Technologies that help automation systems get their speed, like vision-based assembly verification systems that watch to make sure the right components are placed in the right areas and gate systems that ensure assembly steps are followed before a component can move to the next process can be integrated into manual processes to make sure construction quality is achieved. Both of these systems can be added to a current production line without large modifications.

These are only a few ways in which automation system advances can be translated into an improvement in human-centered production operations. It’s important to look for an integrator who has both a deep knowledge of advanced automation systems and experience building manual process systems to make sure there is the ability to take these innovations and integrate them in a way that sees results.

From developing tooling improvements, streamlining part testing processes to finding efficiencies in production area layouts and worker ergonomics, Midwest Engineered Systems not only designs and builds efficient automation systems but can also streamline manual manufacturing processes.

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