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Next level machine tending with MWES’ standard tending cells

Stop splitting complex jobs into two (or more) setups on the same machine. MWES has developed a new standard machine tending system that takes manufacturing cell automation to the next level.

Our system was designed from the start to provide off-machine, secondary operations during the usual machine tending operations. That means if a part needs to be cleaned, deburred or repositioned back in the machine for more operations, our system can do it without the need for human help.

The MWES system also uses machine vision to sidestep the need for part-specific racking commonly used in machine tending systems – with our system there’s no need for an operator to fill trays before running. Skipping the racks makes it easier to add new parts to the system while not having to devote workers to feed it.

The machine tending system is designed to be up and running as quickly as possible. Taking up a little more space than a standard pallet, the complete system is built into an integrated unit. This smaller footprint allows for easy forklift placement and a small investment of floor space. With all of its systems firmly positioned within its rugged frame, the system only needs power, air and ethernet connections to finish the installation. All of these elements vastly reduce the amount of time to get a system set up and operational. MWES knows that in production settings, it’s not just square footage that’s valuable, uptime is even more so.

You can find more information on our standardized machine tending systems on our website, or contact us to learn about how these systems can automate your complex machine tending operations.

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