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MWES launches new production optimizing AS/RS buffer system

Leveraging technology proven in the largest of warehouses, MWES’ new ASRS buffer system is designed to provide similar efficiencies for the demands of a production environment. The benefits go just beyond a storage system, it can become a highly efficient hub for managing the manufacturing process.

With its automated material storage and retrieval processes, the MWES ASRS buffer system can give a facility back valuable manufacturing time and reduce production errors. The MWES ASRS system can store materials not only in an efficient manner but also allows for production environments to quickly manage materials as needed. The system does this by cataloging materials and their locations by how they integrate into the production process.

These material storage and monitoring capabilities offer a number of advantages:

  • The system can become a central hub for the factory: with both the tooling and materials in the same location and an overarching management system to run it.
  • The MWES buffer system allows for the collation and management of asynchronous production processes
  • The ASRS system helps keep production efficiency high by retrieving materials, tools and finished parts without needing human help.
  • Material arrival and removal data can be harvested for production performance analysis.
as-rs benefits diagram

The system’s benefits provide the opportunity for a forward-thinking production facility to move to the next level of efficiency and productivity. Taking advantage of all these aspects makes the MWES ASRS buffer system much more of a trusted workflow manager. It has the potential to better see the entire manufacturing process as a singular system, not just a collection of unconnected machines and resources.

Contact MWES today to learn how our ASRS buffer system can streamline your production operations.

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