Cylindrical Robots - Midwest Engineered Systems

Cylindrical robots have a primary arm that moves up and down. Built within the robotic arm is a cylinder that creates this motion by extending and retracting itself. In many of these cylindrical robotic models, the rotation is generated by gears and a motor, and the vertical motion is generated using a pneumatic cylinder.

Cylindrical robots use a coordinate system with three dimensions that use a selected reference axis and relative distances from it for specifying point positions. Point positions are also specified by using the distance to a selected reference direction and the axis’ relative direction, and by the distance to the axis perpendicular from a selected reference plane.

These types of robots are useful for objects that need to have rotational symmetry around their longitudinal axes, such as a metal cylinder for heat distribution, long, straight wires that produce electromagnetic fields, and the rounded cross-sections of straight pipes.

Some applications of cylindrical robots include:

  • Spot welding
  • Die-cast machine handling
  • General machine handling tools
  • Grinding processes
  • Palletizing
  • Assembly operations

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