Cartesian/Gantry/Rectilinear Robots - Midwest Engineered Systems

Cartesian robots are designed with three linear joints, working off of the X-Y-Z Cartesian coordinate system. These robots may also have an end of arm tooling or rotary axis, that will allow for rotational movements on the robot’s outermost axis. The axes of Cartesian robots carry out movements in a coordinated manner via a motion controller they have in common. These axes are crafted from a type of linear actuator, a system that can be custom-manufactured by an end-user with drive and linear guide components, by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or the system can be bought as a manufacturer’s pre-assembled system.

Gantry robots are a bit different from Cartesian robots. Gantry robots always have two bases (X) axes and a second (Y) axis which spans the two bases axes. Cartesian robots have a single linear actuator per axis. With this configuration, gantry robots can have bigger payloads in most cases and typically greater stroke lengths than Cartesian robots.

Application for Cartesian/Rectilinear/Gantry robots include:

  • Packaging automation
  • Palletizing and depalletizing
  • Product placement
  • CNC machines
  • Cutting, sorting and scribing
  • 3D printing
  • Quick storage and retrieval

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