Barcode Vision Systems - Midwest Engineered Systems

Midwest Engineered Systems designs and builds automation systems that take advantage of barcode vision.  Barcode vision goes hand-in-hand with complex, fast-moving production and conveyor lines or routing material through entire facilities. Barcode data can also be used to continuously track the progress of work throughout an assembly line.

Integrating the machine vision capability into the production automation system eliminates issues found relying on individuals to manually scan the barcode on every item as it travels through the system.  The integration also helps keep the conveyor line moving more efficiently with minimal slowdowns and mistakes.

Vision Systems and Barcode Scanning

Picture of barcodesOver the last two decades, automated barcode scanning systems have become a mainstay with parcel inspection and processing systems. Scanning solutions are used by all major sorting and distribution centers around the globe.  Historically this activity had to be done by hand, which is far more prone to mistakes as well as a much slower, labor-intensive process. Automated vision systems such as these dramatically increase the speed at which parcels can be processed and sorted automatically without leaving the conveyor system.

Due to the success barcode vision systems have in parcel handling, these same systems have found their way into a number of other industries.  The pharmaceutical sector uses such systems for sorting and tracking medical supplies and medicine vials.  Fulfillment and distribution centers utilize barcode vision systems to track the progress of an order in real-time and to ensure the correct items were picked for that order.

Barcode vision systems are also used in assembly line operations to track the progress of a product through manufacturing. As the assembly moves from one station to another, the barcode can be scanned to track the progress of the workpiece as it enters and leaves a station.  This allows for tracking back to the source in the event there is an issue with the final assembly. The vision system can easily be mounted on the EOAT of a robot or simply incorporated into a conveyor system.

As a multi-vendor automation integrator, Midwest Engineered Systems builds and implements systems that take advantage of the benefits of barcode vision systems.  Integrating this technology into production automation systems has provided our customers with faster material routing times and much greater production accountability. In many cases, the barcode reading system can be connected to inventory and production control systems to offer even greater visibility to the production process.

If your business is looking to add a barcode vision system to a current production line or considering a new automation installation that captures this advantage, trust MWES to help understand if systems like these are beneficial to your production needs. Contact us today!