Trigger & Bottle Assembly System

Project summary

A fully automated system that assembled a bottle within 5 seconds or less had to be designed. 

The Challenge

The following metrics had to be met:

  • Automatic flywheels introduction from the parts washer
  • Automatically convey filled bottles of varying sizes to assemble the station
  • Automatically sort multiple types and orient triggers for assembly
  • Automatically torque triggers to bottles within specifications
  • Ultrasonically weld triggers to bottles

The Solution

The following methods, components and technologies were implemented and integrated to provide a comprehensive solution:

  • Trigger hopper and flighted conveyor system control trigger introduction
  • Dynamic trigger picking and orientation using robotics and vision
  • Dynamic trigger placing using robotics
  • Full dynamic bottle sortation using LinMot linear actuators
  • Bottle transportation using a custom plastic chain-type conveyor
  • Bottle control using dual servo feed-screw control
  • Trigger closure torque control using custom servo torque head

Impact to the Customer

This automated system allowed the customer to robotically automated an otherwise complicated process.

Midwest Engineered Systems has a wide range of experience in building automation systems. If you’re looking to improve your overall throughput, we have the knowledge and experience to make the project a success.

Innovation Through Automation

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