Articulated Robots - Midwest Engineered Systems

Articulated Robots are designed to have a few joint structures/axes as two and as many as ten structures. Usually, these robots have four to six axes and are well-known for having the most degrees of freedom, or its relative range of motion, compared to any other robot type in the industrial field. Articulated robotic systems are also the most commonly used in industrial factories and warehouses around the world.

robot material removalArticulated Robots are very beneficial, as they can increase a company’s productivity by improving the accuracy, product quality and efficiency of its operations. These articulated robots are very affordable in the industrial markets due to their many years of serviceability and long-standing popularity.

Articulated robot applications include:

  • Automated part handling and part picking processes
  • Automated insert loading
  • Inspection automation
  • Assembly cell automation
  • Automated In-Mold Labeling (IML) and In-Mold Decorating (IMD)
  • Automated packaging and palletizing
  • Automated stacking and sorting
  • Automated overmolding (press to press transfer)

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