Ways to increase automation performance without investing in a new system

Over the course of their lifetime, production line automation systems begin to lose efficiency. Replacing it with a completely new system would certainly improve throughput while bringing production tracking and control technology up to date. However, a new system’s price can be difficult to justify. Upgrade the current system, instead!

From swapping out simple components like worn linear bearings or upgrading entire control systems, MWES has the expertise to analyze your existing automation system and provide cost-effective retrofits that can lead to increased production output and up-time. As a multi-vendor integrator with experience in a number of production processes and industries, we can steer you away from ineffectual and costly upgrades, while focusing on making improvements that produce real results in a number of ways.

Mechanical system rejuvenation

Sometimes losses in efficiency can happen gradually over a long period of time. The busy, day-to-day operations of keeping operations running can make it difficult for staff to notice these losses. Degrading parts can easily cause the system to run less efficiently or develop widening tolerances over time. MWES is highly skilled at locating and replacing worn-out components in automation systems, whether we’ve built them or another vendor. These replacements can claw back a lot of lost efficiency a system has collected over time.

Robot and drive system retrofits

Swapping out older servo and robotic systems with the latest technology can give you more control and greater reliability without having to replace entire automation systems. Newer drive and control technology also can position the line to move into Industry 4.0 management in the future.

Control system upgrades

Modern automation systems are so much more capable than the ones from just a decade ago. Much of that new functionality comes from the modern control systems that we have today. Let MWES upgrade your automation systems to take advantage of these new capabilities that can offer a much finer-grained understanding of the production process and allows for better operational efficiency.

Contact us today to learn more about how MWES can upgrade or simply refresh your production automation systems, or to schedule an appointment to have one of our highly trained associates audit your current system.

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