Robotic Palletizer that Handles a Variety of Product Sizes

Many don’t realize that robot arms can be equipped with an End of Arm Tool (EOAT) that is capable of cleanly grabbing multiple products at once.  Check out a video of this system in action on YouTube.

Case and tray palletizer

Midwest Engineered Systems built an automated palletizing system that utilizes a robot with a comb-like gripper that picks up multiple items in one go and places them neatly on a pallet. The palletizer system can stack at a rate of five placements a minute.  Our custom-designed robot gripper made this palletizing process a breeze.

Robotic automation like this has found success palletizing materials from cardboard trays of product up to large, heavy bags of cement, with little to no need for hard-to-find, intensive manual labor. Read more about how we made this automation work.

If your business is in need of robotic palletizing automation and has a variety of packaging sizes or types – contact us today!

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