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What’s on Our Floor: OnRobot Grippers

In the automation world, many times it’s the End of Arm Tool (EOAT) that packs the most innovation on a system. The EOATs is where the robotic system interacts with the products moving through the cell.

Specifying the proper gripper (another abbreviation for the End of Arm Tool) means making sure it can pick up the product without causing damage in the process. This calls for a lot of engineering focus and testing, which MWES typically does, as most of our automation is custom designed for each application.

robot eoat gripper

Today, a custom design is not required for the application at hand.  We found that an off-the-shelf EOAT was a much better solution. So we are testing two types of robot EOATs from OnRobotics for the automation system. One version is the 3FG15 Gripper, a flexible 3-finger gripper that swivels onto the part with accurate positioning. Another version we are trying is the RG2, a more conventional 2-finger, pincer-like tool.

Commonly used in machine tending applications, these OnRobot tools are easily swappable and programmable, using a touch screen interface. This makes them great for retooling production lines for different products. And when they’re combined with the FANUC CRX-10iA/L collaborative robot, they make for a comparatively fast and intuitive system that’s ready for higher mix applications.

If you’re looking for the right solution for complex part handling automation or would like to retrofit your existing system with more capable grippers or End of Arm Tools (EOATs), contact Midwest Engineered Systems today!

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