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Packaging Automation for Medical Life Sciences

MWES solved an issue for a Nutraceutical firm needing help with pill packing. The customer was using multiple employees to place their product into boxes for shipment, struggling with accuracy, speed, and occasional staffing issues.

pill pack case packer machine

MWES introduced a complete system that utilized a FANUC collaborative robot capable of erecting boxes at a rate of up to four boxes per minute… taking those boxes… and putting them into the case packing system. Once the boxes are inserted into the system, the customer’s pill packs are brought in via conveyor. 

Using the FANUC Vision system, the locations of those pill packs are found on the incoming conveyor, which ties the locations to the conveyor, and tracks those locations all the way through the system. From there, FANUC M2 case packing robots pick the product from the incoming conveyor and place them into the erected boxes. As a result, the system is now capable of packing this customer’s product at up to 240 pieces per minute.

Of special note, with a collaborative robot, no protective fencing is required, meaning the robot can just operate out in the open. That’s because this system actually detects human presence, causing the robot to slow down based on that detection.

  • No fencing required.
  • It’s safe.
  • It’s easy to use and easy to maintain.
Robotic case packing cell video

Whether you’ve re-shored your production, or it’s never left, you’re facing challenges both common and unique:

  • Worker shortages – especially for repetitive, unskilled tasks
  • Rising wage demands
  • More workers lead to more workman’s comp claims
  • Keeping your product secure
  • The need to scale production and distribution quickly
pill pack case packer machine

In addition to automating the packing process, MWES has years of experience designing assembly processes for use in styryl and clean room environments, common for the Medical/Life Sciences Industry.  As leaders in manufacturing equipment MWES brings consultation as your first and best step. That’s because Midwest Engineered Systems has a great depth and breadth of innovative solutions in the areas of Medical & Life Sciences systems development. We are… Innovation Through Automation®

Read more about MWES’ Medical & Life Sciences experience:

In a clean environment from simple assembly to multi-stage high-speed assembly processes, MWES also has experience in Dispense and Fill Processes, Container Handling, and Kit Packaging applications, just to name a few. Systems can be designed with no fault forward and/or verification steps along the way to ensure good parts. Machine Diagnostics and traceability can be implemented and tied into an MES system, as well.  Beyond automation of the assembly, MWES can then implement the packaging of the product(s), done in line with the assembly automation or moved to a centralized packaging area via conveyance or with automated guided vehicles. MWES even has experience in sanitized packaging of many different types of products, whether it be placing parts in plastic bags, parts in blister packs, or parts packed in cases. To complete the spectrum of the automation process, MWES has an array of end-of-line palletizing solutions to get your packaged products onto a pallet, stretch wrapped (if needed), and ready for shipment. Learn more about MWES’ role in the medical industry.

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