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MWES is Hiring!

MWES is currently hiring for several technical positions! Are you interested in a career in the fast-paced robotics automation industry? If the answer is yes then a career at Midwest Engineered Systems might be in your future. Join our team of over 130 engineering and manufacturing professionals. We offer our


What’s on our floor: SkyHook extra-large positioners

Automation systems come in a variety of sizes. Some are small enough to process sensitive medical operations. They scale up from there to robotic systems that can process parts the size or weight of a car and beyond.

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Company News

What’s on Our Floor: OnRobot Grippers

In the automation world, many times it’s the gripper that packs the most innovation on a system. The grippers are where the automation system actually interacts with the products moving through the cell.

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Additive Manufacturing

Celebrating Three Decades of Trustworthy Automation Integration

This month Midwest Engineered Systems is celebrating 30 years in the automation industry. MWES started in 1991 by Scott Woida, and has grown to be a leading provider of automation systems for a large cross-section of industries.

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Coating & Laminating

A new edition to one of our build bays

This crane, when installed, will be used by our Web Handling and Converting group to help in the construction of the production systems they build. To guarantee the quality necessary for the high tolerance machines the Web group designs and builds, dimensionally reliable components and structure is a necessity.

AS/RS Buffer Systems

MWES launches new production optimizing AS/RS buffer system

With its automated material storage and retrieval processes, the MWES ASRS buffer system can give a facility back valuable manufacturing time and reduce production errors. The MWES ASRS system can store materials in not only in an efficient manner, it allows for production environments to quickly manage materials as needed. The system does this by cataloging materials and their locations by how they integrate into the production process.


Full Scale Integration and Abraham Lincoln

We’ve talked about big robots before, but at MWES we build the complete automation system in-house before shipping it out. That means having all the processing equipment in house as well, no matter what the scale.


Big New Arrival

We just took possession of a brand new FANUC M-2000iA 1200 Industrial robot for an automation project we’re starting. This robot is the third-largest by payload FANUC makes at a capacity of 1350 kg, or 2976 lbs. That roughly equates to a new Mazda Miata with two passengers and whatever sort of


Helping GE Make Ventilators Faster by Streamlining Processes

Midwest Engineered Systems has partnered with GE Healthcare to help build ventilators faster for those in need. GE tapped the firm to help expand its production capacity after hearing of its successes in automating the manufacturing of precision valves for GE’s turbine engine division. One area where MWES has been

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MWES is Open and Ready to Help

The Wisconsin State government has named MWES an essential business due to our support of manufacturers in many critical industries including medical, aerospace & defense, heavy industry, food & beverage, and others. As such, we have been authorized to continue to provide critically needed automation systems and services during these