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A new edition to one of our build bays

This crane, when installed, will be used by our Web Handling and Converting group to help in the construction of the production systems they build. To guarantee the quality necessary for the high tolerance machines the Web group designs and builds, dimensionally reliable components and structure are a necessity. This bridge crane will make it easier to position those large-scale, heavy-weight components properly and with enough ease to increase the group’s productivity. 

The crane will cover 3,150 sq. ft. of manufacturing space with its two 11 ton bridges and a traverse of over 150 feet in length. This will allow for the construction of one large system or several modules that would expand capabilities for pre-existing production systems. 

If you’d like to learn more about the capabilities and areas of expertise our Web Handling and Converting group provides, please visit our website. If you have a specific paper, film or foil converting project you’d like to discuss with our engineers, contact us today.

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