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MWES Receives Two Fanuc Integrator Sales Awards in 2023

Building upon their illustrious track record, Midwest Engineered Systems (MWES), a respected industry leader in the most innovative automation sector, is the latest recipient of the prestigious FANUC 2023 Authorized System Integrator Sales Award for both the 35+ units and the Growth Award. MWES’s 33 years of trusted experience are apparent, making them the go-to integrator for efficient, reliable and custom automated systems for most Fortune 500 companies.

MWES Fanuc Sales Awards
Pete and Scott accepting the awards

MWES’s creative leadership has left a worldwide footprint of fully operational but also cost-efficient solutions, which provide improved profitability and reliable manufacturing in an ever-advancing robotic space. Their proven experience and knowledge have become indispensable when executing complex systems safely. Having an engaged workforce of over 150 dedicated employees has allowed the company to offer full production line solutions across several different industries such as electronics, healthcare, aerospace, off-highway vehicles and the military.

MWES continues to revolutionize traditional manufacturing practices by improving flexibility, logistics and decreasing costs. Being ITAR compliant and A3 Robotics Certified has given the company the ability to execute and collaborate with end-users to create automated solutions that have significantly contributed to the robotic industry’s pursuit of surpassing production goals and achieving long-term success. As the robotic space advances rapidly into a data-driven world, customers need to trust an accountable integrator that protects customer data. That’s why clients continue to choose Midwest Engineered Systems when it comes to protecting intellectual property.

About FANUC Robotics

FANUC Robotics is a world leader in industrial automation solutions, with over 40 years of experience and more than 100 robot models. FANUC robots are used in various industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, food and beverage and healthcare. FANUC robots offer high performance, reliability, and flexibility for any application. FANUC Robotics also provides CNC systems, ROBOMACHINES, and IoT solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency.

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