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Web Handling & Converting Equipment Retrofits

Roll handling systemMidwest Engineered Systems has decades of experience with web handling drive systems and machine control methods. This experience uniquely positions us for offering reliable and high-performing retrofits and additions to new and existing converting and web handling operations. MWES will reconfigure and upgrade your printing, packaging and web converting machinery utilizing existing equipment, 3rd party/OEM equipment, new designs or complete integration of the three. Contact us today to learn what’s possible with the addition of new components and equipment on your current line.

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Coating & Laminating Lines

Roll handling systemWe produce custom web coating and laminating systems that meets or exceeds our customer’s specification, regardless of coating process. We build entire production lines, from unwinding & rewind, cutting, drying and cooling units and integrate all functions to work seamlessly together. Whether film, foil or paper, we have the experience earned from decades of web handling and coating system development to guarantee high quality, efficient production.

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Unwinds, Rewinds & Roll Handling

Winder and unwinderWe offer a complete range of capabilities to enhance winding and rewinding processes that provide dependable operation, from shafted and shaft-less, single position to multi-position, and handling a variety of roll diameters. Our systems offer dependable web tension control, edge guidance and integrated cutting and slitting operations. Our winding systems can be built to operate automatically and be integrated into new or current web handling or converting control operations. At the end or the beginning, MWES can automate roll handling operations to increase efficiently while reducing worker danger.

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Splicing, Slitting, Converting, Printing and More

Roll handling systemMWES can integrate many types of cutting, slitting and coating operations into our customers systems. Whether it be a paper, plastic or other substrate, we have a history of successes in specifying and integrating processes into pre-existing web handling and converting systems or designing and building completely new lines. Contact us today to learn how we can broaden your system’s capabilities and increase production throughput.

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