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For Essential Roll Protection and Smooth Production Flow

Running a web production line doesn’t begin or end when the machine is done printing, laminating, slitting or coating. Moving rolls of materials through the production facility and getting them in position on the web handling or converting machine is a crucial aspect of guaranteeing success in the process. Often times, these rolls are not only large but quite heavy. Specially built integrated roll handling equipment is necessary to do the job.

Arclin Roll Cutter 2x

Midwest Engineered Systems can provide the roll handling aspects whether it be manual assisted solutions for smaller lines or fully automated systems that can manage the movement of rolls through a facility to automatic loading and unloading of rolls from a web handling operation. We can take the automation further into integrated hoist systems that can maintain a number of rolls and custom Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) that can be programmed to receive and move rolls or racks of rolls throughout the production facility. These systems can also be augmented with other operations including shrink wrapping rolls and palletizing for shipping or storage.

Being a division of a leading automation integrator, we can leverage a greater knowledge and experience base to provide effective custom automated roll handling solutions.

Below are some of our core web handling and converting material handling competencies:

At Midwest Engineered Systems, we have extensive experience analyzing web production processes uniquely positions us for web handling applications on new and existing equipment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help increase your production throughput.