Stock Grind Cells - Midwest Engineered Systems

Off-the-shelf Rough Machining System Integration

Our off-the-shelf casting finishing solutions are built to be easily installed and serviced. These casting grind cells can also be integrated into legacy production systems using standardized conveyor or hand loading operations. With their compact footprint, our robotic rough machining systems can be easily integrated into existing floor plans.

Each casting grinding cell comes complete with a fixture that can be modified to more closely fit the sort of castings being operated on, a machine vision system to identify and locate the casting datum points and position and a foundry-grade robotic arm built to provide the rough machining and finishing processes. All of the support equipment including the necessary control systems for the robot work cell as well as air filtration are also provided. Our casting finishing system also comes with an automatic tool change head and tools change stand.

MWES’ off the shelf solutions come in three sizes according to the weight of the castings being worked on including from 3-20lbs. 20-200 lbs. and 200-4000 lbs. These systems can be modified to operate on a variety of materials including steels, iron, aluminum, brass or other non-metals.

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