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Project Spotlight: Trigger and Bottle Assembly Line

Looking at a spray bottle of glass cleaner at the store, one doesn’t put too much thought into how much work went into attaching the trigger to the bottle, or whether it was a person or a robot that performed that task.

Midwest Engineered Systems built a fully automated assembly line that required no manual labor to perform this operation.  Robots using a vision system would pick and sort the multiple types of triggers as they travelled on a single conveyor.  On a separate conveyor, filled bottles would arrive at the bottle assembly station.  At this station, the triggers would be placed on the bottles’ threading, and torqued to a pre-determined tightness.  Ultrasonic welding is then applied to the triggers to solidify the connection to the bottles.

This fully automated assembly line provided a fast and consistent assembly operation that could not be performed nearly as efficiently with a manual labor force.  Read more about this project here.

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