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Project Spotlight: Rail Car Assembly

When you’re riding on the train, most people don’t think about how the rail car they are riding in was assembled much less the process behind it.

Midwest Engineered Systems built a robotic welding system that would allow a single robot on an overhead gantry to work in tandem with human workers safely.  Once the technicians have completed the assembly on a cart panel, they would roll the assembly into the adjacent enclosed bay.  The technicians would then exit the bay, and the robot, with a laser welding EOAT, would run through its welding cycle on the panel as the workers prepare the next panel for welding.

This operation doesn’t require the operators to have complex training or welding skills, and the tandem work keeps the robot and the human operators moving so that there is little to no idling during the production.  Read more about how MWES made this automation a reality.

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