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AS/RS Buffer Systems: Warehousing on a Whole New Level

Warehouse management is a complex and challenging task that requires efficient and reliable solutions. One of the most innovative and effective solutions is the automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) buffer system, designed to optimize inventory storage and retrieval, reduce travel time, increase throughput and enhance flexibility.

The AS/RS buffer system consists of a high-speed shuttle that moves on a track along storage racking, where they can store and retrieve anything from small trays or totes to full-sized pallets of goods. The shuttles are controlled by a warehouse control system or a work management system that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to make dynamic and proactive decisions for optimal system automation. This also integrates with goods-to-person order fulfillment and inventory decant stations, where operators can pick and pack orders or replenish inventory.

The benefits an AS/RS buffer system can offer your warehousing operations

These are some of the major benefits of moving your warehouse operations to an AS/RS buffer system.

Managing Buffer Stock

AS/RS can manage buffer stock to ensure there is always an adequate supply of what is needed. Buffer stock is the inventory that is held in reserve to prevent stockouts or shortages due to fluctuations in demand or supply.

Reducing Travel Time

The AS/RS system can reduce travel time by bringing the inventory to the operator, rather than having the operator walk or drive to the inventory location. Travel time is one of the major contributors to labor costs and inefficiencies in warehousing operations.

Increasing Overall Throughput

An AS/RS can increase throughput by handling multiple in-and-out materials at high speeds and with high accuracy. Throughput is the rate at which a system can process or produce something. With an AS/RS, warehouses can increase productivity and profitability and meet increasing demands for faster, more accurate and more efficient order fulfillment.

Space and Time Savings

AS/RS buffer systems utilize vertical space and compact dimensions to store more materials in less floor space. They can also automate the material storage and retrieval processes, reducing the need for scarce manual labor and costly human errors.

Flexibility is King

The AS/RS can enhance flexibility by adapting to different warehouse layouts, configurations and applications. Flexibility is the ability of a system to cope with changes or variations in its environment or requirements. By using an AS/RS, warehouses can optimize space and efficiently manage a wide array of SKUs, as well as perform various tasks such as sequencing, kitting, consolidation, replenishment and buffering.

What can an MWES AS/RS buffer systems do for my business?

AS/RS buffer systems are changing warehousing by providing a scalable, modular and intelligent solution that can improve warehouse performance and customer satisfaction. They are a powerful solution for modern production environments that require high efficiency, flexibility and accuracy. By leveraging technology and automation, the MWES AS/RS buffer system can transform the way materials are stored and managed for production purposes.

Midwest Engineered Systems has the experience and know-how with integrating AS/RS buffer systems into any existing warehouse operations, including integrating them into controlled atmosphere environments.

If you are looking to improve your warehouse throughput and expand your existing pallet kitting and storage capacity, contact us today. MWES has decades of experience in providing firms with automation solutions that provided them with a solid return on their investment and continued growth.

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