Project Spotlight: Welding and Milling Bus Bars Robotically

With the current ongoing labor shortage, skilled welders are in short supply, leaving many businesses to rely more heavily on robotics to fill that void.  Fully automating a 24/7 welding operation is not as complicated or as intimidating as it may sound.

What if the production line requires multiple stations or has to handle different metal types?  This is where a highly-experienced and knowledgeable integrator comes in.

This is a road Midwest Engineered Systems has been down before.  By combining robotic automation with minimal labor by the system’s operator, we were able to provide a production line that could run 24/7 eliminating the need to hire many skilled workers.  Using an automated overhead gantry, this system is capable of moving the part to different production stations, each with a robot performing its programmed task on the part.  You can read more about this project here.

If you are considering moving to robotic welding to solve your labor shortage, contact us today. Our Application Engineers are ready to discuss your project and what’s possible.

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