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Project Spotlight: Automated Picture Frame Assembly

Picture frame making robotic automation system

Automating high volume production operations is relatively straight forward: design a specialized machine that only produces one part. The rest of the time is spent to make it robust enough to do it at speed and for a long time before service.

What if the production line needs to run a number of different sizes of part – like varying size picture frames – at much smaller volume?  This is where a clever application of technology by a highly-experienced and knowledgeable integrator is needed.

Midwest Engineered Systems has done just that. Combining a reliable implementation of machine vision and robotics, we were able to side step the need for customized fixturing and high changeover times needed to move between frame sizes. The automation system is able to identify and adjust the manufacturing process with the vision systems. This flexibility allows the system to control quality as well as different product sizes on the fly.

Learn more about the system in our Recent Projects and see the video of the system in action!

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