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Robotic Welding Automation

Project Spotlight: Welding and Milling Bus Bars Robotically

With the current ongoing labor shortage, skilled welders are in short supply leaving many businesses to rely more heavily on robotics to fill that void.  Fully automating a 24/7 welding operation is not as complicated or as intimidating as it may sound. What if the production line requires multiple stations or has to handle different metal types? 

Robotic Welding Automation

Project Spotlight: Rail Car Assembly

When you’re riding on the subway, most people don’t think about how the car they are riding in was assembled much less the process behind it. MWES built a robotic welding system that would allow a single robot on an overhead gantry to work in tandem with human workers safely.

Robotic Welding Automation

What’s on our floor: SkyHook extra-large positioners

Automation systems come in a variety of sizes. Some are small enough to process sensitive medical operations. They scale up from there to robotic systems that can process parts the size or weight of a car and beyond.

Robotic Welding Automation

How to know if robotic welding is right for your application

Knowing when to automate processes can be a tricky prospect. When looking at replacing a highly skilled, yet difficult to fill human operation like production welding with robotic systems, the question can become even more murky.


Welding Large Assemblies with Robotics

Welding together complex assemblies of numerous components can be done with automation – and without massive investments in systems and workforce to make it go. Many times, with proper weld fixtures, even loading and unloading the process doesn’t require a trained welder.


The Robot with the Reach

It’s pretty easy to envision a robot welding external features, but how about when it has to get into rather tight internal spaces? One way to do it is by combining two robots into one. That’s what ABB has done with its IRB800 seen in the picture above. In this project, we

Addere Additive welding system closeup
Additive Manufacturing

See Us at Fabtech 2019

Visit Midwest Engineered Systems at the 2019 Fabtech Show, Booth B17035 November 11th through the 14th at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. MWES will be showcasing our abilities in laser hybrid welding for large plate applications found in marine, energy and defense markets, as well as some of the more impressive

Community Involvement

Visit us at AWS’s Robotic Arc Welding Conference!

Visit MWES during American Welding Society’s 2019 National Robotic Arc Welding Conference & Exhibition, June 4-5 at the Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) South Campus in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Two of our brightest in the robotic welding arena will be on-hand to talk about your application and give a unique insight into automating your