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Midwest Engineered Systems wants to help make sure you get the most out of your automation systems. Getting ahead of the maintenance curve is the best way to guarantee the greatest amount of manufacturing up-time and we can help, regardless of whether we designed the system or not.

As a multi-vendor system integrator who not only builds complete systems but integrates new functionality into current systems, MWES has a history of understanding and working with a number of manufacturers and products. We can review your current setup and recommend a preventative maintenance plan that will work best for your system and how you run it. Or when things get close to the end of life, we can recommend new componentry that will best fit with the least amount of modification to your current system.

From building a schedule for component replacement and machine maintenance to recommending critical spare part inventories, you can trust MWES to use its automation system experience to reduce production downtime.

Choose Preventative Maintenance with MWES

On a periodic basis, our Automation Technicians will perform up to 60 checks and services on your robotic automation systems. A comprehensive report will outline any problems that have the potential to cause unexpected downtime with the system. This document will be used as the basis to prioritize our ongoing action plan. We recommend this service be performed no less than annually to minimize unexpected downtime. Experience has proven it is much more cost-effective to perform preventive maintenance on a regular schedule than to wait for a failure.

We will address cell safety, cable management, mechanical, electrical, process equipment, the robot controller and software. Items included with this service include cleaning supplies, replacement light bulbs, wire ties, filters, and backup batteries.

Midwest Engineered Systems offers state-of-the-art service for your automated, robotic and web handling equipment. We service most major brands and staff experienced field technicians that can solve any automation issue.

Reasons Why Preventative Maintenance is Critically Important

Limit Breakdowns
Nothing is worse than having your automated system malfunction in the middle of a big project, especially when the problem could have been avoided in the first place. Everything will have to be delayed, while time and energy are spent trying to fix the issue. The situation may increase stress levels, frustrate employees, and irritate clients. On top of it, actual breakdown costs for automated systems are usually 4-5 times more expensive than the maintenance costs themselves. Lack of maintenance can contribute to premature failure, which can result in expensive downtime.
Increase Return-On-Investment (ROI)
All robots and automated equipment develop wear and tear over time and require periodic maintenance, so maximizing your system’s usable life makes sense both from a production and fiscal perspective. Waiting until your equipment shows signs of failure, even a small component issue, can create a ripple effect of major, long-term problems. If your system is not producing parts, you are not making money. With proper maintenance, you get the maximum life out of your equipment.
Increase Efficiency and Speed
If you eat healthy, get enough sleep, and stay physically active, you are more likely to feel better and perform better in your daily life. The same can be said about your automated equipment. If your system has a consistent maintenance program where adjustments, cleaning, and problems are fixed regularly, it will likely be more productive and require less operator intervention.
Maximize the Life of your Equipment
Implementing preventive maintenance practices doesn’t have to be complicated. Many times, it only requires quick daily inspections or in-depth check-ups on an interval basis. Taking the time to make maintenance a priority will help you gain control over your equipment’s life and avoid major downtime, which can have a big impact on your profitability.
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    We will provide preventative maintenance, service and parts for anyone’s equipment; whether it is an MWES machine or not.