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Packaging a Bag Packing Machine for Fast Results

With good labor getting harder to find and retain, automating the more repetitive production processes becomes a necessity. Automating these tasks allows the transfer of valuable labor resources to more important tasks. MWES’s robotic case packing solution does just that for bagged products that have proven difficult to previously automate.

MWES now offers these case packing machines as a standardized system that allows for fairly quick order turnaround times. The systems can also be ordered with three integrated robots, allowing for a packing speed of up to 120 bags per minute.

The system’s compact design makes integrating into a production area easy. Movement and positioning can be done with just a forklift. In most instances, systems can be up and running in a day, making the MWES case packer as ‘turnkey’ as they come.

The performance of MWES case packing systems has allowed customers to relocate 2-3 workers a shift to more meaningful tasks while offering production lines to operate at a much faster pace. In their place, only partial supervision of the machine is needed. The system also opens the door to downstream automation including a palletizing system to make the secondary packaging ready for shipping, as well as upstream box erectors to further automate the process.

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